Bad Doctor

Let me start off by saying: We have kicked our old doctor to the curb (Dr. Christopher Serrano) & completely switched to a different practice to a new OBGYN. And here’s the [long] reason why….. it’s worth the time to read, I promise.

Last Thursday, we had our 11 week appointment and ultrasound. Baby B seemed perfectly fine during the ultrasound—we saw it’s strong little heart beating, it’s brain looked perfect.. both hemispheres were present and intact, and it was moving around SO much. I swear it looked like it was waving at us multiple times during the ultrasound! 😍

11 week sonogram

But when we spoke with the doctor afterwards, things took a really bad turn. He told us that baby’s nuchal translucency test showed abnormally high amounts of fluid, and his opinion was that it could indicate either a neural tube defect some sort OR a heart condition that means Baby B wouldn’t make it out of the womb. Talk about a freakin’ BOMB!

We were both in so much shock, and literally our whole world was turned upside down at that moment. It was a horrible afternoon for us both. And what made it worse, is that the way the doctor delivered the news and his lack of details and information just left us in a hot pile of emotions. He was not even the slightest bit compassionate, and he didn’t even seem to care about our FIRST PREGNANCY.

So after we left the doctor’s office, we reached out to a few close friends and family members that we’ve announce our pregnancy to and asked them to REALLY pray for us. Man, we were in a bad place.. But then, one of our good friends Stuart reached out to us and told us that his Uncle Howard & Aunt Karrie were aware of our situation also, and had the strong urge to lay hands on me and pray over me. A little background about Howard & Karrie is that Howard is a pastor and he and Karrie have both been heavily involved in the realm of spiritual healing for years and years. So immediately, Chad and I said YES.

We went over there, feeling so hopeless and not knowing what the outcome of our baby’s life was going to be. We literally felt defeated, and so heavy with doubt, fear, confusion, and sadness. We explained the whole situation to Howard & Karrie, and they explained to us what spiritual healing is and what I might experience during the healing. I was a little nervous, but I was ready for it. I wanted so badly for our baby to be okay!

As we were getting ready to get into our positions for the healing, the lights flickered. And Chad and I both looked at each other like.. what the heck was that?! To this day, we still believe it WASN’T a coincidence.. and that the flicker of power was God making his presence known, and the devil fighting to intervene.

Anyway, as we were praying.. hand in hand with Howard, with Karrie’s hand on my belly, and Chad’s hand on my back.. I began to felt WARMTH emit from Karrie’s hand onto my stomach. It wasn’t an uncomfortable warmth, but more like a soothing and comforting feeling. A feeling so powerful that I nearly burst out in tears during prayer. In that moment, I felt it and knew it deep down in my heart and soul that Baby had been healed.

When we left their house that night, Chad asked me how I felt. And the only word I could think of was: lighter. I felt like the weight of everything we had felt earlier had been lifted off of my whole entire body, and I actually felt… good. And it is truly a miracle from God because we still don’t have definitive results about anything right now.. our next appointment isn’t until next Tuesday. But I have not had a single worry about Baby since that night. I haven’t felt an ounce of stress or anxiety. I haven’t felt sad at all. And more importantly, I feel that my faith and my trust in Him has multiplied greatly during this whole ordeal. I honestly feel GREAT, because I TRULY believe that God healed me and Baby that night. 100%. A real life miracle.

Now I know this may sound far fetched to many, especially for anyone who is not a believer. But I feel that everything with Baby is okay, and will continue to be okay. And once we have proof that this particular doctor was wrong in his findings, or that the abnormal values miraculously corrected themselves, this will be MINE & BABY BALLARD’S testimony of how real God and His love for us is.

11 week bumpdate

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