Baby Ballard

3rd pregnancy test we took lol

Surprise! We are pregnant! This has been one of the hardest secrets we have both had to keep! 🤫

We found out we were pregnant when we were 4.5 weeks in.. my symptoms were minimal: shortness of breath, tender breasts, mild fatigue, food induced indigestion/heartburn, and of course, a missed period.

Then came Week 6… the exhaustion set in, and so did the nausea!! 🤢 Luckily, I never actually threw up (& still haven’t) but every mornin’ I would wake up extremely queasy, and throughout the day as well. Almost all foods just sounded awful to me, and I was livin’ off of hot green tea, peanut butter crackers, and apples with spicy Tajin seasoning doused all over it lol.

By the time we had our first appointment at 8 Weeks, the nausea had actually gotten significantly better. And we got to see Baby B’s heart beat for the first time!! 😍😭 It was so surreal. We had already taken 3 pregnancy tests at home, I was exhibiting symptoms (like my boobs actually growin’ like 1/2 a cup size!), and the OB had confirmed our pregnancy with my urine test & palpation of my abdomen. BUT of course, we both were still like “ok….. but we still need to SEE it” 😂 And BAM! There it was. Our tiny little nugget, with its heart beatin’ like crazy… right inside of MY body. It was beautiful ❤️

8 Week sonogram

Now, I’m in the middle of my 9th Week and rollin’ into Week 10. My nausea is still present but not as bad as it was during Week 6. I’m still havin’ food aversions, but my appetite has been a lot better than before. I’m cravin’ tropical fruits like mangos and kiwis, and I love anything salty — like chips, crispy fries, pickles, and olives. I’m still short of breath a lot, exhausted 24/7, and I occasionally have sciatic pain. My belly still looks like I’m just bloated, but I can feel it gettin’ more firm so that’s suuuuper exciting!

9 Week Bumpdate 👶🏼

Next appointment is at 11 Weeks, so we can see how much it’s grown since the last appointment & hopefully HEAR it’s heartbeat 👶🏼❤️❤️❤️ Ahh! Wecan’t wait!

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