First Christmas

This year is the Christmas of many firsts for us in the Ballard home. It’s the first Christmas since we moved into our new house. It’s the first Christmas we have ever hosted. It’s the first Christmas since we were baptized, and fully & truly gave our lives to God. It’s the first Christmas for us to have our “mama and daddy” titles. And it’s the first Christmas without our first born baby, Noah ❤️👼🏼

For many reasons, this will be a Christmas for us both to remember forever. And I can truthfully disclose to y’all that there’s been nothing but happiness and love in all of these memories that we are making in this beautiful season of our lives.

People have constantly told me that “the holidays are the hardest” and many have been asking me if I’m okay, with that look of extreme concern. And truth be told, I’m really doing well. The holidays haven’t been hard for me at all. I haven’t mourned the loss of our baby, but instead I’ve continued to celebrate the blessing of even getting to experience LIFE with him for those few short months.

To me, this is a season of thanksgiving, gratitude, and the worship of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As every day of our lives should be. And I have no reason to be sad or angry. I have everything to be thankful for because God has blessed us and our family with so much! I feel that Noah leaving us so early created a stronger bond between myself and my husband, and he really has continued to grow our faith and passion to chase after God and our ultimate salvation.

The Christmas season just feels so wonderful to me, because we are able to celebrate The One who gave His life for us on the cross. The One who sacrificed it all, just because He loved us and wanted to save us all. Why wouldn’t we all be in awe of this season and feel nothing but gratitude for Him??! Why would we feel anything but happiness during this celebration of His birth??

I pray that this post helps bring a different perspective and shine a more positive light on the holiday season for anyone that’s suffered a loss, or are going through any hardships. I pray that my continuous journey and testimony helps bring comfort and joy to anyone who needs it today, and every day. I pray that my Spirit-filled words helps to bring someone closer to God and His Word. And I pray that God may continue to work through me, to help bring someone closer to finding peace and salvation for their soul.

Have a blessed Christmas, y’all. ❤️ And don’t forget that Jesus Christ is the reason why we even have this season to celebrate.


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