Fetal Medicine Appointment

Since our pregnancy is now labeled as high risk, Dr. Troy was able to expedite our referral and we got an appointment with the Fetal Medicine Specialists today.

The appointment went just as we had expected. The fluid around Baby was still there, and we now have a definite diagnosis of a cystic hygroma. In layman’s terms, Baby basically has early heart failure and he or she is unable to move the excess fluid around.

Dr. Parker said at this point, all we can do is continue to monitor the progression of the fluid on a weekly basis and see where it goes. Worst case scenario she told us was that eventually the fluid would become too much for Baby’s heart to handle, and that Baby’s heart would give out & we would show up to an appointment one day and there would no longer be a heartbeat.

Of course, all of this detailed news isn’t something that ANY [new] parent would want to hear. But Chad and I both still feel very calm and confident about the outcome of Baby. This literally is all in God’s hands and His healing power flowing through my body a few weeks back was undeniable. It’s just a matter of time before God is going to reveal His miracle that’s continuing to grow inside of me.

On a different and more positive note, Baby is growing rapidly and is already a whole centimeter longer than our last appointment on Friday! Heartbeat is strong, brain anatomy looks normal, and all the limbs and other parts are measuring right where they should be at this point in time.

14 Weeks & 5 Days Sono

Hope you’re not feelin’ too much pressure or discomfort in there little B ❤️ Mommy and daddy love you more and more every day, and we WILL hold you in our arms in January. Just keep growin’ on schedule in there, and mommy will do everything she can to keep you a happy and healthy baby!

One Reply to “Fetal Medicine Appointment”

  1. So many healing hugs and prayers for you three! He only entrusts His greatest little miracles to those He knows will believe in His healing power to see them through! He will not abandon you, trust His process! Just know, you all are NEVER alone! God bless you and may He continue to amaze you with His many blessings! You three are a living, breathing, ever growing testimony of His mercy and love! Your story has just begun!


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