I Wish You Knew

Today is Day 8 of the Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month posts from “The Joyful Morning”, and the topic of the day is: I Wish You Knew

I had trouble coming up with something to write because there’s so many emotions, and so much going through my mind all the time! Initially, I was going to post about my innermost feelings of grief that I don’t show on a daily basis. All the sad things that I don’t disclose to others all the time.

But this evening, The Holy Spirit spoke to me… and told me to post about HOPE and shed light to His glory. So the words just poured out as I wrote this simple poem tonight. Just a little something that reflects my true feelings about my loss/our loss — and praying that it provides peace, comfort, and hope to someone… anyone.

I Wish You Knew

By: The Holy Spirit (through me, Christine Ballard)

I wish you knew… how much my heart still hurts

Even when I smile and never say a word

Y’all know I’ll never get over losing my son

But I realize that I am not the only one

There’s many others that have had miscarriages and stillbirths

But our angels are with us, even as they’re gone from the earth

All of our babies are special because they’re now in Heaven

And the love we feel for our little ones will eventually help our hearts mend

I know it’s hard to deal with, and we are all grieving

But that doesn’t mean we should lose our faith and stop believing

God is faithful and will always take care of us

But in order to see that, we need to have faith and fully trust

This isn’t the end of any of our stories

Because He has greater plans for us, filled with all His glory

God’s intention was never to let us down

Because in the darkness, His light can always be found

None of our losses were a part of our heart’s plans

But you have to realize that time will heal, and everything is in God’s hands

So trust in God to carry you through

I wish you knew… how much He loves you

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